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    WZ - 50 type miniature system prototype

    8479820090 customs code

    This product is intended for coal preparation and analysis of test sample design production, and the traditional processing equipment, the structure is compact, compared with beautiful modelling, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low noise, low consumption, Especially the 220V ac power, make its have extensive applicability. GB474 meet requirements. Performance

    •  Power: 200V 50HZ

    •  Motor power (W) : 180

    •  Loaded quantity (g) : 50

    •  Weight (kg) : 28

    •  Shape dimension (mm) : 250 × 250× 330

    system prototype link:

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     WZ - 50 type miniature system prototype

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    Zip number : 458030
    Address: He nan hebi citizens born technology development Co., LTD.
    (the original hebi city electronic engineering research institute)

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